Series will enable you to buy a complete treatment which is made up of a number of sessions in advance at a discounted price. Once you have time, you will book the appointment using your series. What is more, prices will not change for you.

You can build series for most of our services. However, it is more frequently used in conjunction with Laser/IPL and Radio Frequency Treatments.

This is the general rule for discounts:

  • Buy 6 sessions pay 5
  • Buy 8 sessions pay 6.5
  • Buy 12 sessions pay 9

Here are some featured series:

  • Set of 8 Full Face Acne Treatments (Laser/IPL): $975 (Saving of $225)
  • Set of 6 Full Face Skin Rejuvenation (Laser/IPL): $600 (Saving of $120)
  • Set of 6 Ladies Full Body Hair Removal (Laser/IPL): $2,000 (Saving of $400)
  • Set of 8 Ladies Full Body Hair Removal (Laser/IPL): $2,600 (Saving of $600)
  • Set of 6 Gentlemen Chest and Back Hair Removal (Laser/IPL): $2,000 (Saving of $400)

Our Series

If your required series is not mentioned here, please come by and build your series with similar discounts.