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Body Contouring & Tightening

Body Contouring / Skin Tightening

The desire for an ideal body has forever been a universal theme in all cultures. Thanks to the introduction of non-invasive, pain free body sculpting technologies, many people can now reach their desired look after a short period of time. Using the highly innovative RF method, cellulite melts away and effectively destroys fat cells. The results are dramatic, giving you the shape and beautiful body you have always wanted.

Area Price
Chin $120
Chin & Neck $180
Half Arm $150
Back $200
Bra Line $120
Waiste Line $150
Abdomen $170


Area Price
Full Legs $350
Upper Legs $250
Lower Legs $150
Buttocks $250
Full face $150
Full face and Neck $250



Body Contouring Explained

A healthy diet and regular exercise are key factors in achieving the desired body shape. However, they are limited since they cannot target specific body areas. Luckily, aesthetic treatments are able to target unwanted fat deposits and help patients achieve the shape they desire.

Our Radio-frequency (RF) and VermaDerm (LP IR) technologies provide the perfect solution for non-invasive circumferential reduction. Treatment can be performed in a quick, painless, ‘lunch-time’ procedure, with absolutely no downtime. Best of all, results are visible from the very 1st treatment, and by undergoing a series of treatments the desired outcomes can be achieved.

During treatment, the Radio-frequency (RF) energy targets the sub-dermal adipose tissue. The heat causes the fat cells to shrink in size and as a result, the desired body contour is achieved.

The treatment also tightens the skin. The RF and/or IR waves cause the collagen fibers to contract, resulting in immediate skin tightening. In addition, they stimulate the fibroblasts to create new collagen which yields long-term skin tightening results and compliments the body contouring results.


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