Mani & Pedi

Mani & Pedi

Classic Manicure

Our Classic Manicure:
Attentive examination of the hands for the presence of mechanical damage, and fungal skin diseases; Shaping of the nails;
Warm bath with a solution, softening cuticles; Removing the cuticle and nail treatment roller;
Disinfection of the nails and tools;
Polishing the nail plate.

$25 – 30min

Classic Pedicure

During a Classic Pedicure, you soak your feet in a warm tub of water. The nail technician scrubs your feet to rid them of any dead skin or imperfections. The technician clips and files your toenails and briefly massages your legs and feet before applying a soothing lotion. Your toenails are painted with a base coat, main coat and top coat of polish.

$35 – 90min

Mani and Pedi

Our Classic Manicure and Pedicure combined

$55 – 120min

Add / Remove Shellac

Add Shellac to keep your fingertips shining for weeks

$10 – 10min

Add French Manicure

$10 – 10min

Paraffin Treatment

paraffin treatment for your hands and feet added for your mani or pedi

$10 – 10min Hands
$20 – 20min Feet


The History

Mani and Pedi are the most widely used spa and beauty services. We thought you already know all about them.
So how about a fun fact!
The history of pedicures dates all the way back to 2300 B.C. in Ancient Egypt. A depiction of early manicures and pedicures was found on a carving from a pharaoh’s tomb, and the Egyptians were known for paying special attention to their feet and legs. Since then, the pampering of the legs and feet has been prevalent in most societies.

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