Body Mindfulness Spa

Loyalty Points

Get Rewarded

You will accumulate points for every action and transaction as follows:

Refer a New Customer 100 Points
Customer Birthday 500 Points
Customer Anniversary 500 Points
Book Online and Checkout 50 Points
Any Purchase or Transaction 1 Points/$

Redeem Them

Points Redemption is one Dollar for every 50 points that you have. Points never expire.
You do not need to do anything but those listed in above and we will add your points automatically. Next time you are in the Spa or book or purchase online, you will see your points.
When you wish to pay online, you will be given an option to redeem your points.
Alternatively, when you are at the Spa, we will give you the option to use your points.

Come On In

Treat Yourself to a Relaxing Day at the Spa